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Saffron is one of the most wonderful spices globally, tied to Iranian civilization and used as a magic spice in Iranian and international cuisine. Iran is one of the largest producers of first-class Saffron in the world. However, people worldwide in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Asia are interested in consuming Saffron in food. This product is popular in the world due to its pleasant aroma, taste, and color. It is known as one of the most valuable types of spices, aka red gold. The uses of Saffron are extensive globally, and all nations use it according to their own cooking style; Bouillabaisse Saffron Chicken, Saffron Sponge Cake, Swedish Saffron Bread, Milan Risotto, Masala milk etc.

How to use Saffron:

First, you have to prepare; pour some saffron strings in a mortar, grind it, and turn it into powder. In this case, the aroma and color are spread, pour the powder in hot water, and dissolve for 10 to 15 minutes and inhale.

Note that a small amount of Saffron is precious, and it is enough to use several strands of food at a time.

Saffron(knows as the ”red gold”) is a precious spice; Iran is the world’s largest saffron producer & exporter with carrying the honor of having the best quality in the world.

Second method: brewing with ice;
Put the powdered saffron in the required amount with a few pieces of stew in a container to melt the ice at normal temperature and dissolve the saffron, this will make the taste and aroma of saffron not disappear due to the temperature. The color of saffron would be fascinating in this way.


Nutritional Benefits:

  1. Weight Loss & Diet Control
  2. Slows Down Aging Process
  3. Brings Cheerfulness
  4. Hair & Skin Health:
    For Radiant Skin, Treatment For Acne & Blemish Skin, Heals wounds & Scars , Induces Hair Growth In Alopecia
  5. Sexual Health:
    Prevents Early Orgasm, Infertility Treatment, Increases Interest In Sex
  6. Prevents Cancer
  7. Eliminates Pain
  8. Helps Overcome PMS In Women
  9. Mental Health:
    Anti-Depression , Promotes Memory Retention , Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease, Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
  10. Heart Health:
    Prevents Atherosclerosis
  11. Cures Arthritis, Anti-Inflammatory
  12. Gastrointestinal Effects:
    Calms The Stomach, Improves Digestion, Provides Relief From Acidity & Flatulence
  13. Supports Eyesight
  14. Cell Repair & Formation
  15. For Respiratory Problems:
    Asthma , Cough, Whooping Cough
  16. Soothes Fever
  17. Improves Immune Function
  18. Cures Insomnia
  19. Controls Blood Pressure
  20. Regulates Blood Sugar

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